CGT optimiser

Capital Gains Tax Optimiser

Achieve better outcomes for client portfolios using our optimiser tool that allows you to model, identify and optimise asset adjustments while factoring in CGT restrictions and allowances.

Calculate at speed

Understand the impact of optimising a portfolio for CGT allowances in seconds by stripping out complex calculations and replacing them with just a few clicks of a button.

Avoid CGT risk

Coverall CGT considerations when optimising portfolios to avoid exceeding allowances as well as effortlessly handle any infringed CGT assets.

Stay on track

Benefit from instant calculations and repeatable formula-driven processes to ensure all compliance requirements are met and demonstrable to regulators.

Drivedown complexity

Decipher the impact of optimising any portfolio and its CGT allowance in real time with just a few clicks instead of relying on complicated or inefficient calculations.