Portfolio monitoring

Detect drift breaches in seconds

Deploy our portfolio monitoring tool to detect drift breaches by comparing portfolio assets against any set constraints including models, bespoke mandates and benchmarks. Tiller Portfolio Monitoring is so powerful that automated or on-demand checks can take place across a single portfolio in seconds – or thousands of portfolios in only minutes.

Stop the drift

Benefit from automated and on-demand drift detection that gives daily snapshots of portfolios to reveal if any rebalancing is required.

Stay in control

Configure the system to match your investment views and portfolio risk tolerances whether you’re running portfolios against models, mandates, benchmarks, or other criteria.

Make life simple

Drop monitoring tools that are difficult to use, replacing them with a solution that’s intuitive and scalable whether deep diving into a portfolio or analysing all of them with instant overviews.

Lift the burden

Let us monitor your portfolios and check for drift so you can enjoy a real-time understanding of all portfolio positionings against mandates without any of the busywork.