Data monitor

Ongoing monitoring and verification of client data

Check any client data you hold is correct, complete and current with our Data Monitor service that conducts regular automated checks of all your client records.

Stay vigilant 24/7

Be reassured that any expired information – or detected changes made by the client – automatically triggers a request for them to re-submit information for re-verification.

Monitor on the fly

Run real-time checks on any individual datasets you hold – or batch check multiple sets – to ensure all client information and verifications are up to date and risk-free.

Automate due diligence

Benefit from our identification, verification and ongoing monitoring of every single client with zero manual input required from your company so your data remains compliant.

Gain better insights

Go from macro to micro in moments with our data status overviews and analysis of all the client data you hold, designed to help you understand any data dependencies.