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Tiller partners with FactSet to integrate its portfolio monitoring capabilities into the FactSet platform

Tiller Team
January 27, 2022

Tiller announces a new partnership with FactSet, integrating its portfolio monitoring capabilities into the FactSet platform. 

This partnership provides FactSet's wealth management users with enhanced functionality. Functionality to manage and rebalance client portfolios and ensure suitability and oversight of client portfolios at scale.

  • Portfolio monitoring: Tiller's market-leading automated drift detection and suitability monitoring tool is now available to all FactSet users. Users can run single portfolio checks in seconds and thousands of portfolios in minutes, utilising the expansive data from within the FactSet platform.
  • Portfolio rebalancing: Tiller's portfolio rebalancing capabilities gives FactSet users the ability to quickly and efficiently rebalance portfolios that have breached their constraints at scale.
  • Portfolio optimiser: Real-time trade suggestions to optimise portfolios against their chosen set of constraints. Tiller's flexible optimiser allows for any number of user-generated constraints, including capital gains tax allowances (CGT) and ESG factors.
  • Portfolio customisation: Users can create entirely customised portfolios whilst maintaining suitability against a set of constraints, typically a model, mandate, or benchmark.

FactSet Press Release (External Link)